Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff—Easy Less-Gluten Recipe

What was your favorite meal as a kid? Well, this was mine: Mushroom Stroganoff! I was a picky eater back then and I almost never finished a meal. However, when my mom made Mushroom Stroganoff I licked out the entire plate! I am not kidding! And no, I wasn’t vegan as a kid, I was vegetarian though. But it’s not difficult to veganize this meal and I am sure you will love my vegan Mushroom Stroganoff as much as I do.

creamy vegan mushroom stroganoff in a panI adore mushrooms and vegan Mushroom Stroganoff will always remain one of my most favorite meals! The recipe is plant-based, gluten-free, creamy and flavorful. You will only need one pan to cook this easy to make comfort dish. If you love mushrooms, then you should definitely also check out my Vegan Mushroom Risotto.

vegan mushroom stroganoff with brown rice on a plateREADY IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES

It took me only 25 minutes to cook this vegan Mushroom Stroganoff. From start to finish. It’s seriously very easy to make and I bet you already have most ingredients at home. So if you are looking for a quick vegan dinner or lunch, this easy recipe is for you!

close-up of vegan mushroom stroganoff and rice in a bowlTHIS VEGAN MUSHROOM STROGANOFF IS:

  • Flavorful
  • Hearty
  • Plant-based
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Easy to make
  • A great comfort meal
  • Cooked in one pan

vegan mushroom stroganoff with rice on a plateFLAVORFUL DISH

I tried out a few different Mushroom Stroganoff recipes in the past, however, most of them tasted quite bland. They actually contained just mushrooms, onion, garlic, and salt. Somehow all the spices were missing lol. I love to add different spices to all my meals. Onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and smoked paprika is a must.

And since I also like spicy meals I often add red pepper flakes (chili flakes) as well. Of course, fresh herbs are very important. This vegan Mushroom Stroganoff tastes best with fresh thyme and parsley. I also love to add fresh tarragon but make sure not to add too much because it has an intense flavor.

If you make this delicious dish and maybe even take a photo of it, then I would love to see it. You can DM it to me on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag me in your Insta caption + photo with @elavegan and use the hashtag #elavegan and I will gladly check out your post.

eating vegan mushroom stroganoff with brown rice

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

This vegan Mushroom Stroganoff is creamy, flavorful, and very delicious. The recipe is gluten-free, plant-based, perfect for lunch or dinner, quick and easy to make (ready in less than 30 minutes)!
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Servings: 2
Author: Michaela Vais


  • 1 onion diced
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 11 oz mushrooms, sliced (300 g)
  • 4 tbsp white wine (optional)
  • 1 tbsp tamari or soy sauce
  • 3/4 cup vegetable broth or water (180 ml)
  • 3/4 cup plant-based milk or cream (180 ml)
  • 2 tbsp cornstarch
  • Spice mixture: 1 tsp onion powder, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp smoked paprika, a pinch of chili flakes, sea salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes (optional)
  • Fresh thyme leaves and/or parsley (and/or tarragon), chopped
  • Serve with brown rice or pasta of choice


  • Heat oil in a large pan/skillet, add onion and fry for about 5 minutes. Add garlic and fry for a further 1 minute.
  • Now add the mushrooms and fry over medium heat for about 5 mins.
  • Pour in white wine (optional), vegetable broth, tamari (or soy sauce), and the spice mixture. I love adding nutritional yeast flakes as well but that’s optional! Bring to a boil.
  • Add cornstarch to the plant-based milk or cream (I used canned coconut milk, however, almond milk, oat milk/cream or soy milk/cream is fine too) and stir to dissolve.
  • Pour the milk/cream mixture into the pan and cook on low-medium heat for about 10 minutes until the sauce thickens. Taste and adjust seasonings as to your preference.
  • Add fresh thyme leaves and/or parsley and/or tarragon to taste! Enjoy with brown rice or pasta of choice!

25 Nice Bathroom Color Ideas for Small & Master Bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom Color Ideas – Now you can experience the same amount of luxury and comfort in your bathroom as you do in a spa with these soothing spas like bathroom color schemes. The color schemes that we provide are for sure inspiring and help you choose the perfect color palette that fits your style. Choosing the right kind of color scheme for your bathroom can make all the difference to how you feel while taking a bath.

The design and style of your bathroom play a significant role in deciding the perfect color for the walls. Keeping the space in mind is quite remarkable. You want the color of the walls to go with the overall look of your bathroom. Modern and sleek bathrooms with a vanity and a tub go perfectly with crisp whites, pretty pastels and bright, bold hues colors whereas traditional bathroom looks great in all colors.

Deciding on how the ceiling and the molding go with your color scheme can be quite overwhelming which is why most of the people go with white trims. White goes with every color and also gives a clean finish to the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Bold colors bring out the walls in the bathroom and make a statement whereas the soft colors reflect light and give off a calming and soothing feeling. Changing the color of the bathroom from time to time adds life to the bathroom. Choosing the right color scheme can make a difference which is why you must give it a lot of consideration when redecorating or remodeling.

1. Black and White

Black and White Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source:

This Versatile Vintage Classic is Back & in Bathrooms Everywhere.

The black and white color scheme is one of the most common color schemes that you will find in the market. White ceiling with marble floor and sinks goes perfectly in contrast with the shady black titles that cover the walls and matte black cabinets under the sink. It is the best color scheme to go with if you want to add elegance and style to your master bathroom.

2. All Black – Bathroom Color Ideas

All Black Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source: Source: – High Line Penthouse, New York, NY

Some individuals love the color black so much that they want their whole bathroom space to have a black décor. Black titled or wallpapered walls in the bathroom make a bold statement. The white light chandeliers shine brighter with the black background and provide more light. The white basin and glassed shower with a black background give an elegant and graceful look to your bathroom.

3. All White bathroom color schemes

All White bathroom color schemes
Image Source: – Smoky Quartz

All white color scheme for you modern and sleek bathroom is a perfect choice. The white color of the walls reflects the light coming from the windows behind the bathtub and make bathing a relaxing retreat for you. The white color of the walls mingles with the elegant white marble floors and creates a soothing mood when you enter the bathroom.

All White bathroom color schemes
Image Source:

4. Chocolate and Cream

Chocolate and Cream bathroom
Image Source:

The color scheme consisting of chocolate brown and cream is perfect for adding luxury to your bathroom. The brown tiles for the flooring, when paired with a chocolate brown and white patterned bath rug, gives off a cozy feeling when you step on it. The chocolate brown cabinets under the creamy sink tiles and silver fittings add a striking appearance to the whole design.

5. Cream and White

Cream and White Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source:

Cream and blue bathroom features upper walls painted blue and lower walls clad in white subway tiles lined with a cream washstand adorned with polished nickel cup pulls topped with white marble under a beveled mirror.

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The cream and white color scheme go perfectly for a traditional bathroom style that has a fitted vanity dresser and a small space. The light colors scheme will give a fresh look to your bathroom. Pair the blocked tiles on the walls with a white marbles floor to add a more traditional look and feel to your bathroom.

6. Amaranth and White

Amaranth and White bathroom
Image Source:

White goes with all colors. Thus it is the most frequently used color for the floors in the bathroom. Amaranth, on the other hand, is a vibrant and bright color that is neither pink nor a shade of red but is in between the two, this isn’t too feminine or masculine at the same time.  The white and amaranth design on the shower curtains will add more life to the bathroom.

7. Cherry Red and White

Cherry Red and White Bathroom Colors
Image Source:

The bright colored walls paired with an otherwise white bathroom are a perfect way to add spunk and boldness to your child’s bathroom. The Cherry red titled walls and the bright red carpets on the floor keep the bathroom seem appealing and attractive to kids. The color scheme also gives off a sparkling and hygienic feeling to the person entering the bathroom.

8. Mint and White

Mint and White Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source:

If you are going for a fresh and light color scheme, then mint and white is a perfect choice. The color scheme suits small bathrooms better than larger ones as it attracts a lot of light and feels towards it. The wallpaper with the encircling print in white and a mint background makes the bathroom look more spacious and open.

9. Pale Blue and White

Pale Blue and White Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source:

Traditionally people didn’t go with bold colors for their bathrooms. They preferred light and fresh colors that kept the bathroom alive and soothing. The traditional white bathtub paired with white vanity drawers and a mirror go perfectly with the pale blue walls. The white marble floors reflect the pale blue color of the walls and make the bathroom look more fresh and striking.

10. Coastal Blue and White

Coastal Blue and White color bathroom
Image Source:

The coastal blue and white color scheme have a spa liking feeling to it. It gives a soothing and a refreshing feeling just like when you at the ocean. The white windows go perfectly against the coastal blue walls and luxury to your bathroom.  You can create a gorgeous spa-like space with mosaic tiles in coastal blue and white print covering the bathtub paired with a blue and white chair in front of a vanity.

11. Midnight Blue and White

Midnight Blue and White Bathroom
Image Source:

A bathroom with white flooring and fixtures need a bold and striking color to go with which is why the midnight blue is perfect for a bathroom that gets a lot of light. The color changes its tone and appears as green, blue, grey and even black sometimes when the sunlight strikes on it, adding more luxury to your bathroom.

12. Warmed up Grey-Blue and White

Warmed up GreyBlue and White Bathroom
Image Source:

Light color schemes such as grey-blue and white appear alive and refreshing. These light colors can be warmed up with dark and complementing shades that go with all light colors such as orange and brown. Such colors give a natural look to your bathroom. The bronze vanity mirror on the wall and the orange burned flowers in the vase add the warmth that your bathroom needs.

13. Charcoal Grey and White

Charcoal Grey and White Bathroom color schemes
Image Source:

The charcoal grey and white color scheme for the bathroom is one of the most romantic schemes for couples that are decorating their master bathroom. The white fixtures of the bathroom such as the sink, the bathtub, and the toilet go perfectly against the moody charcoal grey. The silver fittings look striking against the hue background. The contrast looks beautiful with the grey marble floor.

14. Lavender and White

Lavender and White Bathroom color schemes
Image Source:

Lavender and the white color scheme is perfect for you if you want to go with a light and sweeter version of a bathroom. The floating vanity shelf with a plain mirror paired with striking patterned wallpaper at the back attracts the eyes the moment you walk into the bathroom. The white titles coated with lavender touches look refreshing and energizing.

15. Rose Pink and White

Rose Pink and White Bathroom color scheme ideas
Image Source:

The rose pink tile is trendy in the traditional households. Your grandma would dig the whole rose pink and white color schemed circa 1950 bathroom. The hue pink looks striking against simple white cabinets, storage spaces, and fittings. The scheme looks quite chic and trendy in a traditional household. The silver fittings reflect the hue pink color of the walls and make the traditional bathroom looks beautiful and cozy.

16. Turquoise, Pink, and Gold

Turquoise, Pink, and Gold Bathroom color ideas
Image Source:

Exotic and bee-yoo-tiful. I would have a tough time being cranky getting ready for the day in a bathroom like this.

Design your bathroom with a combination of light and dark colors. The combination of turquoise, pink and gold is perfect for bathrooms that have no windows. The colors reflect the light coming out of the ceiling bulbs and brighten ups space. The turquoise cabinets paired with a golden bordered mirror and a pink shelf is perfect to carry out the combination.

17. Balanced and Striking

Balanced and Striking Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source: – Bathroom Color Ideas

The trick behind choosing the perfect color schemes for your bathroom and making it appear striking is balancing the colors. The perfect way to add a soothing effect to your bathroom is to go with the natural colors. The combination of white fittings, trunk brown cabinets and lush green background paired with a small red striking tool for sitting is the best way to go with the natural look.

18. Brick Red and Forest Green

Brick Red and Forest Green Bathroom
Image Source:

Another way to get the earthy look and feel for your bathroom is to go with the brick red and forest green color scheme. The green color adds the soothing effect to the whole space whereas the brick red color and brown cabinets are perfect for adding the warmth to your bathroom. The whole combination is not overwhelming but is appealing and looks eco-friendly as well.

19. Red and Black

Red and Black Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source:

People who love to add meaning and statements in their designs go with bolder and dark colors. The combination of red, white and black is preferred in modern bathrooms.  The ceiling and floor covered with white square tiles are paired with black textured walls that go entirely against the striking red fittings. The overall design is luxurious and looks chic in modern households.

20. Pink, White, and Black

Pink, White, and Black bathroom
Image Source: – Bathroom Color Ideas

Girly bathroom, cute, elegant and pretty! I like the combination of warm paint, dark wood and white marble

If you are planning on having a chic girly bathroom and an adult bathroom at the same time then this combination of pink, white and black color is perfect for you. The pink and white damask flowered wallpapers on the walls paired with white fittings and black fixtures and vanity mirror add a spark to the whole space. The black and white chess like flooring gives it a more striking appearance.

21. Black and Grey

Black and Grey Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source:

Classic bathroom. Black and white tiles floor. Damask pattern roman shades. Gray walls. Restoration Hardware vanity, Pottery Barn wall sconces.

This traditional bathroom gets a contemporary twist with a counter sink and classic details. Pale grey marble countertops and tile add a seamless cohesion to the entire space, while black cabinetry grounds it all.

22. Beige – bathroom color Ideas

Beige bathroom color Ideas
Image Source:

Beige and dark wood are a match made in heaven, especially when a sophisticated, classic and yet contemporary bathroom is wanted. Beige is such a warm neutral tone that it simply radiates out a calming and zen aesthetic that is absolutely perfect for a bathroom, where rest, recuperation and a little indulgence should all be experienced.

23. Denim Blue bathroom color schemes

Denim Blue bathroom color schemes
Image Source: – Modern Bathroom Color Ideas

Denim blue is a very particular shade and is currently enjoying a serious surge in popularity, especially in terms of bathroom design. We suspect that’s because it works so well with warm metallics, such as gold, rose gold and copper, all of which are VERY on-trend right now.

24. Colorful Bathrooms

Colorful Bathroom Bathroom Color Ideas
Image Source:

Tropical Retreat This gender-neutral bathroom features colors perfect for the two boys and one girl who share it. RMS user rdoukas brought the beach to the bathroom with bright summer colors and Hawaii-inspired decor. You Might Also Like… link to RMS rdoukas tropical kids’ bathroom

25. Gold Bathroom Color Schemes

Gold Bathroom Color Schemes
Image Source: – bathroom color ideas

Glam Gold Accents And Accessories For Your Interior. In terms of stylish bathrooms that are on-trend in 2018, all that glitters really is gold! Warm, reflective and so upmarket, using gold in the bathroom will always lead to a luxurious and sumptuous finish that makes every shower or bath feel as though it is being enjoyed in a five-star hotel.

35+ Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas [Children,Toddler and Teen]

BOYS BEDROOM IDEAS – A bedroom is the perfect area for boys to allow their creativity loose and also display their unique personalities. There are lots of various types of decoration you could make use of in your boy’s bedroom, from sports devices to vintage pieces to motion picture memorabilia.

If you need some ideas for your kid’s area, take a look through our preteen as well as toddler boys bedroom ideas.

Use the filters below to undergo our boys’ room ideas. Once you have a suggestion in mind, be sure to take a look at our tailored home style selections, including enjoyable customizable fleece coverings as well as pillows that will work flawlessly in your boy’s bedroom.

Awesome Boys Bedroom Ideas

Cool boys bedroom designs
source: Rosangela Photography

That claims boys’ rooms can’t be elegant? If you have a young child, it’s extremely likely that you’ll wish to go with bright colours. Attribute walls with fun print children’s wallpaper or wall sticker labels are a terrific method to perk up a plan.

If your son is showing off crazy, you could restore the old-time football theme with the enhancement of classic football tables as well as amazing posters.

Typical sleigh beds, low-key pastel tones as well as paintinged floorboards are the way to head to accomplish this. Oh, and also wood floors are terrific for practicality, while a rug will up the cosines aspect.

Schoolroom Style Teen Boy’s Room

Creative kids room decorating ideas
source: Simon Whitmore

Create a boys bedroom ideas area for a teen bedroom with this fun take on the classroom. Painting wall surfaces navy blue to produce a vibrant background after that have a good time by including an old-fashioned design wood desk, painted chair and steel storage locker cupboard.

Accessorise with vintage stationery and fun complements, from wooden pencils, rulers and workout books to leather satchel, job lamp and dustbin.

Teen Boy’s Area With Map Mural

Unique toddler boy room ideas
source: David Giles

Develop a feature wall surface in a teen’s bedroom with a large map pasted onto one wall. A fantastic visual help for research study, setting a workdesk close by for easy accessibility.

Gallery Wall In A Boy’s Bedroom

Best children room design
source: James French

Produce a gallery wall surface by repainting one wall surface in a deep color of navy blue as well as hanging a collection of children art work as well as cherished things. Pick structures of a comparable style or colour for a consistent effect.

Boy’s Bedroom With Painted Panelling

Awesome boys bedroom ideas for small rooms
source: David Brittain

Panelled wall surfaces with secure rail offer area for storage space as well as display in a boys bedroom ideas. Hang up playthings and also set to free-up flooring room and also add colour with bright material drawstring bags for saving socks, dolls and also various other small-scale chances and ends.

Football-Themed Boys’ Bedroom

Great toddler room ideas
source: Brent Darby

A football plan is anchored by clever, ordinary blue wall surfaces and matching red curtains and blinds. Keep points neat by selecting easy, low degree, wood storage space boxes, as seen in this boys bedroom ideas.

Space-Saving Boys’ Bedroom

Coolest kids bedroom designs
source: Mick Frangou

This elegant boys bedroom ideas features a clever fitted device, large sufficient to house two beds and a work desk, along with ample storage, making it a clever space-saving alternative.

Elegant Kid’s Bedroom With Chaise Longue

Brilliant kids bedroom decor
source: idealhome .com

Create a play zone in a boys bedroom ideas with a comfortable chaise longue as well as helpful shelving, utilizing one colour for a unifying look.

Boys’ Bedroom With Red Attribute Wall

Good boys bedroom decor
source: Simon Whitmore

Offer a boys bedroom ideas a focal point with a brightly repainted attribute wall surface. A candy striped table light and bathtub chair add to the playful aspects in this space.

Boys’ Bedroom With Racing Car Bed

Cool teen boy bedroom ideas

If your little boy wishes to make a declaration in his boys bedroom ideas, choose a vehicle bed as the primary centerpiece. A strong carpet as well as curtain material finish the celebrities as well as stripes look.

Boys Twin Bedroom Ideas

Creative kids room design

If you’ve two boys who share a bedroom, bunk beds are a fantastic space-saving alternative. It’s a great idea to choose matching bed linen as well as pop a soft rug on the floor to separate wood or laminate slabs.

Lastly, take advantage of the space under the beds with a number of storage boxes on castors ideal for keeping toys and also video games neat.

Toddler Bedroom Ideas Boy

Unique toddler boy bedroom ideas
source: Copper Gyer Design

Your little boy is currently acting separately as well as would certainly like to do things on his own. To him daily is a brand-new day full of adventures and also fun knowing. As helpful moms and dads, we exist to overview, inspire and support our little toddler’s body and mind.

To produce a world of whimsy as well as filled with his conceptions why not give him a space for himself? An area where he could conveniently play and relax conveniently.

When developing your little boy’s space, it is important to consider exactly what he is most fond concerning. Children these age could currently determine the things they like, might it be an animation personality, jungle pets or sports. They can even tell you what shade is attracting them.

Awesome Boy Bedroom Ideas Indoor Safari

Best boys room decor
source: Fowler Interiors

Allow your little hunter go on a journey anytime of the day in his very own room. Choose a safari theme that will excite his creative imagination. Light yellow walls, fun pet murals and also wall surface arts, tent for a bed, and also cute safari bed cover add color, fun and atmosphere to the space.

Child Room Decoration Ideas

Awesome toddler bedroom ideas
source: JAC Interiors

This contemporary space is enjoyable and spirited without being babyish. The vivid pattern on the featured wall surface makes this room lively, while the black bed structure, white bedding, neutral wall, grey carpet and also timber floor emit a fully grown style.

Fun Kids Room Ideas

Great childrens bedroom ideas
source: Leire Sol García Asch

Spacecrafs, robotics, earths and also mechanical tools make their mark on wall arts, pillows as well as beds linens. Take into consideration using the colors on the wall surface arts for the shelving and other furnishings for a fun, cohesive appearance.

Boy Bedroom Ideas 5 Years Of Age

Coolest kids room ideas
source: Paisley Blaise Staging

Hanging lights in vibrant colors are enjoyable and elegant method of illuminating your tot’s room. It could conveniently add rate of interest and also life to any area.

6 Year Old Boy Room Ideas

Brilliant boys room ideas
source: EM Design Interiors

A very easy means to offer color as well as fun vibe in a white space is by hanging bold-colored curtains. You could play around with different patterns and also vivid colors as well as quickly change it when your toddler gets older.

Decorating Ideas For 8 Year Old Boys Room

Good kids bedroom ideas
source: Indi Interiors

For a design that will grow with your youngster, you will certainly never go wrong with neutrals. Tidy white walls and also ceiling when coupled with cozy, timber tone flooring and home furnishings creates a traditional beauty that will certainly last for a long time.

Boy Bedroom Ideas 9 Year Old

Cool boys bedroom paint ideas
source: William Robbins

You could make use of different shades with strong patterns storage space baskets or a fancy dresser with lots of drawers and ensure to place it on an area where he can conveniently reach it for ease maintaining. It will teach him how you can maintain his room tidy while sorting his things in an orderly fashion.

10 Year Old Boy Bedroom Ideas

Creative 2 year old bedroom ideas boy
source: Dunnam Tita Architecture + Interiors

Create an exciting touch to your toddler’s traditional blue area by utilizing a bold blue striped rug as an accent as well as hanging a hammock for an immediate playtime ambiance.

Boys Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Unique decorating ideas for 8 year old boys
source: Maxwell & Company Architects

Kids normally get allocated the smaller sized rooms in a home, from attic areas to that awkward box area you can not fit a double bed into. Actually, they likewise seem to accumulate more things than any person else in the family, with toys, clothing, and publications generally overruning well beyond the borders of their room.

It’s vital then to earn one of the most of all the area handy, whether that suggests bunk beds for greater than one child, or inventive storage space services built right into the furnishings.

With tiny spaces, we should obtain innovative with big ideas! Producing the best bedroom for your children is feasible, even if you’re brief on space.

Bunk Bed Storage Space for Kids

Best 10 year old boy bedroom ideas

Bunk beds are a fantastic method to liberate room in a small youngsters’ bedroom, as well as many modern-day versions had some terrific storage space remedies also. If you’re great at DIY, a basic publication rail is simple to construct yourself.

Creative Space Savers Room

Awesome boys bedroom designs

Learning needs to always be interactive, and also there are plenty of methods to make it so. Also without a major overhaul, you can produce your own learning room by using a steel sheet and also sticking a lot of magnets in an array of vibrant letters as well as numbers.

Whether utilizing blackboard paint right on the wall surface, or a structure that you can move, you could use it as a discovering device and also taskboard as well without taking up much area.

Portable Playhouse Boys Room

Great kids room decorating ideas

Play houses help to create those dream worlds. We like these teepees that you could prop up during play time and also stow away after.

A nice way to create an edge for the day’s amusement, that can likewise be transformed to various other activities as the week endures.

Bye-Bye Doors Room Ideas

Coolest toddler boy room ideas

Possibly we do not see it at first, however doors can frequently use up more room compared to we understand. With an open wardrobe, you obtain the storage space by not worrying about whether or not it fits with the door closed.

Included perk, you’ll be quicker to clear out things you no longer need neither wish to look at! We believe it’s an excellent suggestion to have the clothes hung low enough too, so they could help choose the day’s clothing.

Secret Stowaways

Brilliant children room design

Pajama parties are constantly excellent fun therefore is being prepared for them. Save on your own the difficulty of searching for extra sleeping bags in storage space and also go with a pull out bed that you can comfortably stash underneath.

It’s all fun and games till it’s time to tidy up the toys and also you’ve obtained teddy bears falling out of every space and cranny. Pick a bed with integrated storage for much faster clean time.

Uniqe Boys Beds with a Lift

Good boys bedroom ideas for small rooms

This lumberjack themed bedroom makes terrific use of the area, and its comfortable nook even encourages a bit of storytime. It’s a great set up since that area beneath could be adjusted in other the homes of use as workdesk room for research time too.

Provide both the leading bunk! We believe this loft bed for 2 is a wonderful idea, specifically if your children are a similar age. The area underneath could make an appropriate space for a backyard, or a great retreat place as storage for toys as well as books.

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas

Cool toddler room ideas
source: Raspberry Interiors

They have a really solid feeling to their individual area. They desire their room to be the extension of their very own design and individuality. Often they want their rooms to be a location where they can pull away from the insaneness of the outside world.

Yet there are likewise some that desires their area to be a location where they could welcome their pals over as well as simply do whatever they please. For these young men, a bedroom is their very own personal space, their haven.

Wide Open Up Spaces for Backpacker Teen Boys

Creative kids bedroom designs

When selecting an embellishing system for a teenage boys bedroom ideas, keep in mind that a young teenager’s tastes will certainly alter as they grow older so it might be a good idea to go for a wall colour that’s easy to deal with and upgrade the appearance with devices.

Space Theme Teenage Boy Room Décor

Unique kids bedroom decor

Bedroom with a huge theme is just as sophisticated. Ideal for an astronomer of any age. An enviable illumination source is the intense moon on the bed.

The wall on the bed turned into slate is the ideal place for estimations and also drawings. One more intriguing aspect that likewise brings character to the design is the ceiling light.

Balloon Bed for World Traveler Teen Boys

Best boys bedroom decor

An excellent suggestion is to use balloons. These striking things have the advantage that they can embrace a limitless number of colors as well as dimensions.

Teenage Boy Room for Music Lovers

Awesome teen boy bedroom ideas

Most teenagers actually like music so it’s no surprise if they have musical instruments, it would be a lot more amazing if playing songs in the space with his close friends.

Graphic Layout Teenage Boy Area Idea

Great kids room design

With 7 square meters, this space notes the transition from childhood years to adolescence of a 13-year-old lady. The workdesk closet is next to the bi-bed and also the wall was lined with paper

Trophy Display Teen Boy Room Idea

Coolest toddler boy bedroom ideas

The teen needs to have had many success both in institution and also outside institution. It is excellent for teenagers that have a great deal of making a trophy cupboard in his room.

Teen Boy Approved Contemporary Workspace

Brilliant boys room decor

Teens are currently starting to design their future so that he needs a comfy and neat location for him to work. So design the room as comfy and just as good as possible

Basketball Wall of Fame Boy Room Décor

Good toddler bedroom ideas

Basketball is a very popular sport and popular, teenage basketball fans would be very happy if the display jersey idol player or idol club in his room.

Woodsy Blue Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas

Cool childrens bedroom ideas

Wood plank wall in this area by Task Nursery is such a great method to produce a stunning accent wall surface without devoting to totally covering a wall with wood slabs.

Bold Colors Teenage Boy Room Idea

Creative kids room ideas

A teen boy required a storage space for take care of publications, toys, and antiques with both open shelves and some hidden area also.

30+ Awesome Backyard Pool Ideas to Turn into Relaxing Retreats

You do not need to go on a road trip and travel for a thousand miles just because you want to release your stress and blow off steam. You can refresh your mind by turning your backyard into an amazing one with backyard pool ideas.

These ideas will transform your backyard and make it a cozy place to spend your leisure time with family and friends. So, let’s check them out!

1. Small Modern Backyard Pool

Small Modern Backyard Pool Ideas

The clean surface denotes the minimalist look of a modern backyard. The gray concrete pool deck provides a comfortable place to relax on.

Two different swimming pools are built to accommodate both adults and kids. A lot of greenery is planted around the pool deck for viewing pleasure.

2. Natural Pool Ideas

Natural Backyard Pool Ideas

The beige tiles and turquoise water make this backyard pool look like a holy temple situated in a forest. Shrubs and trees surround the pool, enhancing the natural look of it.

A dining table is placed by the pool so you can enjoy your meal while blending with nature.

3. Relaxing Backyard Pool

Relaxing Backyard Pool Ideas

Lounging on the pool chairs while slurping a glass of orange juice on a sunny day would be a great idea.

When it is dark, the recessed lights along the pool will give you dim light that brings a romantic atmosphere to the backyard.

4. Backyard Pool for Party

Backyard Pool Ideas for Party

You can invite your friends to have a barbeque party by the pool while some of your other friends may want to invigorate themselves by swimming.

When the party is over, bring the pool chairs back so you can relax under the sun.

5. Round Elevated Pool Ideas

Round Elevated Backyard Pool Ideas

This round pool is surrounded with bamboos and wooden pool deck, bringing the Japanese sauna style to your backyard.

To make it perfect, install water heater so you can soak in the hot water just like what you can do in a sauna.

6. Above-Ground Pool Ideas

Above-Ground Backyard Pool Ideas

If you are on a tight budget, this DIY above-ground pool will be your safe bet.

It is simple, inexpensive, yet still packs a lot of fun. Install LED lights around the pool so you can get sufficient light when wanting to swim under the moonlight.

7. Round Backyard Pool with Wooden Deck

Round Backyard Pool Ideas with Wooden Deck

Wooden pool deck will keep your feet clean before jumping into the swimming pool. It also provides the authentic and natural warmth to your backyard.

Just place one or two pool chairs by the pool where you can lounge on and relax.

8. Backyard Pool for Limited Space

Backyard Pool Ideas for Limited Space

Don’t let limited space seize your happiness. You can still have a backyard pool despite the limited space.

This above-ground pool will make your kid smile exuberantly. They can bath in the backyard while playing with his toys.

9. Artistic Pool Ideas

Artistic Backyard Pool Ideas

The curvy shape of this pool makes your backyard look artistic.

Although you do not feel like swimming, you can still enjoy the artistic look by sitting back on your armchair and adoring the natural beauty of your backyard while enjoying your afternoon tea.

10. Luxurious Backyard Pool Ideas

Low-Maintenance Backyard Pool Ideas

You do not need fancy things to add an upscale look to your backyard. A rectangular pool with fountains will be enough. Install concrete pool deck near the pool so you can place some chairs to hang out with some friends.

11. Low-Maintenance Pool Ideas

Low-Maintenance Backyard Pool Ideas

If you are too busy to take care of your backyard, you can try these backyard pool ideas.

Instead of being surrounded by a lawn that requires to be mown regularly, pave the area around the pool. Invest in some low-maintenance plants like shrubs or cactus to amp it up.

12. Tropical Cozy Pool Ideas

Tropical Cozy Backyard Pool Ideas

This tunnel-like backyard will make you feel like you are having a holiday in a tropical country thanks to the tropical plants placed along the pool.

The fountains make the pool look like a mini waterfall which enhances the touch of nature.

13. Blend with Nature

Backyard Pool Ideas: Blend with Nature

Soaking your body in this small pool will allow you to release your stress a little bit.

The combination of hot water and beautiful shrubs will help you chill out. And the best thing is you can do it anytime you want as it is your very own personal pool in your backyard.

14. Minimalist Backyard Pool with Concrete Pool Deck

Minimalist Backyard Pool Ideas with Concrete Pool Deck

The rectangular pool provides a sufficient space to swim. Just place some decorative plants along the pool to offer some shade when swimming.

The concrete pool deck provides the clean surface for your feet. Just be careful! Concrete pool deck can absorb the heat of the sun.

15. Multilevel Backyard Pool Ideas

Multilevel Backyard Pool Ideas

This multilevel pool makes this backyard look luxurious. It features an above-ground and inground pool. The faux stones create an access to the above-ground pool.

The spacious deck allows you to move through and even have a picnic with your family and friends.

16. Oasis-Like Pool Ideas

Oasis-Like Backyard Pool Ideas

A no-fuss backyard landscaping is the best solution to get the most beautiful look without causing you too much trouble.

Try investing in a pool among your desert-like backyard. The pool will look like an oasis that creates a dramatic backdrop in your backyard.

17. Playful Backyard Pool

Luxurious Backyard Pool Ideas

18. Above-Ground Pool with Recreational Area

Playful Backyard Pool Ideas

This backyard is for everyone.

You can let your kids swim in the above-ground pool while you enjoy lounging on the pool chair or play card games with friends. Just make sure you always keep your eye on your kids.

19. Balinese Style Pool Ideas

Balinese Style Backyard Pool Ideas

Have you ever been to Bali? If you have not been there yet, don’t be upset because you can bring Bali to your backyard.

This above-ground pool looks classic with the exposed faux brick wall. To accentuate the style, two elephant statues are placed by the pool along with Plumeria flower pictures on the wall.

20. Above-Ground Pool on A Budget

Above-Ground Backyard Pool Ideas on A Budget

Your kids are going to love this pool. It is not too big, but it can accommodate a few kids at once. A wooden pool deck is built to give easy access to the pool.

A door is installed so your kids will not be able to reach the pool without being accompanied by adults.

21. Compact Inground Pool Designs

Image Source:

When you go to Cancun and several other luxury hotels in tropical areas, you can have cocktails served poolside. Why not bring that idea home to your own pool? Your poolside bar doesn’t have to take up a lot of room and can be accommodated even with the most compact inground pool designs for small yards. It’s great for your own relaxation and even better for entertaining!

22. Getbeautified Pool Design

Image Source:

So we offer some pool design ideas for you. Discover the very best pool ideas and also designs at getbeautified. Browse through pictures of above ground swimming pools and garden swimming pools with any type of design, any type of shape, as well as any type of distinct design for ideas to create your ideal pool.

23. Gorgeous Lively Nature

Image Source:

A backyard or a space at the back of your home might be a good start to living in the middle of a gorgeous lively nature. People believe you can just have a stunning yard just if you have a big one. Not true. You can still have a beautiful, relaxing backyard if you have … well, a yard.

24. Hot Tub Gazebo With Spa

backyard pool ideas

Hot tubs are that many people love to leave available year round, but are unfortunately often restricted by outside seasonal weather changes. These hot tub gazebo and hot tub enclosure ideas provide more than enough fodder to get your design ideas flowing!

25. Backyard Swim Pool Ideas With Decks

Image Source:

Getting an above ground pool for your home is a big decision but isn’t a difficult problem if you know it. You must know about information best pool to your limited time and budget. Here We’ve provide a list of above ground pool ideas with decks and some tips that might be the perfect fit for your backyard.

26. Swimming Pool With Two Large

Image Source:

An aerial view of a swimming pool with two large artificial sand banks that gradually step down into the deeper main pool. On the highest tier are two lounge chairs with an umbrella and an artificial tree stump base.

27. Backyard Swimming Pool On A Budget

Image Source:

I don’t think my hubby would mind if we changed the pool a bit! ???? Swim by day, hot tub & roast s’mores at night. yes please! Don’t think budget will allow this one but hey a girl can dream right?!

28. Simple Backyard Swimming Pool

Image Source:

You don’t have to have a big backyard to fit in a pool — and if you do have a big backyard, the pool doesn’t have to take up the entire thing. We’ve got plenty of examples of less-than-enormous backyards where homeowners have squeezed in a pool — and lots of other things, too.

29. Backyard Pool Waterfalls

backyard pool waterfalls
Image Source:

Increasing Your Swimming Pool Area. Make waves with waterfalls, fountains and slides in these top best swimming pool designs. Explore the coolest backyard home pool ideas ever.

30. Upper Deck Onto the Courtyard

upper deck onto the courtyard

The view from the upper deck onto the courtyard and lap pool. Retractable glass doors effectively make this area an extension of the kitchen.

31. Small Lap Pool

Image Source:

This small lap pool is enough for swimming enthusiasts who wish to practice his swimming activities at home.

32. Small Above Ground Swimming Pool

Image Source:

Backyard Small Above Ground Swimming Pool : Eye Catching And Affordable Above Ground Swimming Pool.

33. Courtyard Swimming Pool Design

Image Source:

Great example of a courtyard swimming pool design! This pool also has an automatic pool cover and is located in the I’on subdivision of Mt. Pleasant, SC.

33. Small Plunge Rectangular Pool Design Ideas

Image Source:

Affordable, Premium Small Dallas Small Plunge Rectangular Pool Design Ideas, Remodels & Photos

34. Lovely Lap Pool

Image Source:

Lovely Lap Pool Width Ideas in Pool Traditional design ideas with basalt courtyard formal gardens hedge hedge wall LystHouse is the simple way to buy or sell your home.

35. DIY Backyard Swim Pool

Image Source:

Flip the bed till headboard is toward window. Build ceiling to floor wall behind headboard. Desks in corners each side of the window.

36. Keep Simple Style Pool

Image Source:

Love the simple style and setting for this combination hot tub, plunge pool. Great DIY project.

37. Glamorous Indoor Swimming Pool

Image Source:

Exterior: Best Pool Remodeling Simple Interior Architecture Exterior Rustic Hotel Remodeled From Pool Picture Pool Remodeling Ideas Furniture Picture Glamorous Indoor Swimming Pool from Stay Cool With Cool Pools

38. Modern Backyard Pool Loungers

Image Source:

Fantastic backyard boasts a tow of trees placed before an in ground pool fitted with a corner hot tub alongside modern pool loungers.

39. Contemporary Swimming Pool

Image Source:

Contemporary Swimming Pool with Outdoor cushion, Crate & Barrel Maddy Hurricane (Discontinued), Fence, exterior tile floors

40. Bossier City Pool Design

Image Source:

Shreveport Pool Construction – natural-grotto-dolphin-slide-outdoor-kitchen-granite-bar-tanning-ledge-perimeter-spa

41. Gorgeous Hamptons Cottage Backyard

Image Source:

Eclectic Cottage Interior Design in White: Gorgeous Hamptons Cottage Backyard With Small Swimming Pool.

42. The Pool with Comfy Chaise Longues

Image Source:

The pool, outfitted with comfy chaise longues from Frontgate, is surrounded by a series of outdoor rooms.

43. Small Backyard Pool Oasis

Image Source:

Small Backyard Oasis Swimming Pools | This owner has opted not to share the exact location of their property …

25+ Amazing DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

Vertical gardening is nothing more than using vertical space to grow vegetables (or herbs, or flowers, even root crops), often using containers that hang on a sunny wall. Traditional gardeners have done similar things with climbing plants like squashes and beans for centuries by building trellises. Vertical gardening takes it one step further by giving non-climbing plants a space on the wall.

Vertical gardens take up less space, are easier to harvest, and easier to maintain. However, they do have their own limitations:

  • You need sunny wall space
  • If they are built too high, they can be difficult to maintain. Don’t make them taller than you can reach
  • The support system must be strong enough to handle the weight of everything
  • The supporting wall must be able to withstand a lot of moisture. You can use polyethylene cloth to create a vapor barrier along the back of your garden if this might be a concern.

That being said, vertical gardening is one of the most forgiving and flexible gardening systems. If you can already get a harvest from container gardens, vertical gardens should be no problem.

As long as you’ve got a blank wall or a bare fence that needs beautifying, you can tend edibles, annuals, even perennials with these vertical gardening ideas — all of which inspire high hopes for the season ahead. check out our favorite landscaping ideas.

Clay Pot Vertical Garden

Clay Pots Into a Vertical Garden 02
Image Source:
Clay Pots Into a Vertical Garden 03
Image Source:

If you’ve been looking to spruce up an apartment balcony, this clay pot vertical garden is a great way to add greenery without taking up too much space.

Get the tutorial at The Horticult

DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

garden vertical - DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall 01
Image Source:
garden vertical - DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall 02
Image Source:

With this trellis wall garden, you have the option to include several different types of plants.

Get the tutorial at Vintage Revivals

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter
Image Source:

Add a little flair and personality into your vertical garden with a punny sign and colorful string.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess

Ammunition Can Vertical Garden

Ammunition Can Vertical Garden
Image Source:

Who knew upcycled ammunition cans could make cute planters?

Get the tutorial at The Horticult

Stand-Alone Wall

Stand-Alone Wall
Image Source:

This vertical garden—built by affixing hex wire netting to a cedar frame—can accommodate up to 35 small terra-cotta pots (that’s a lot of growing potential!).

Get the tutorial at AKA Design

Hooded Tower Garden With Grow Lights

Hooded Tower Garden With Grow Lights
Image Source:

This tower garden is an exceptional choice for those willing to spend some money on quality and efficiency on the homestead! The one pictured here is using special glow lights to aid the process.

Get the tutorial at Nancy on the home

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Stand-Alone WallIndoor Hanging Herb Garden
Image Source:

Easily build this hanging herb garden in your kitchen window with wooden rods and curtain rings. You’ll love having your herbs readily available for recipes!

Get the tutorial at The Bird and Her Song

Hanging Glass Terrarium Planter

Hanging Glass Terrarium Planter
Image Source:

If you love succulents, display them in several glass orb terrariums. Potting the terrariums yourself gives you the freedom to pick many different types.

Get the tutorial at Adventures in Cooking

Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter
Image Source:

This hanging planter is made up of five wooden planks with openings that let pots dangle. The planks are spaced evenly between two pieces of rope and are secured with zip ties for a uniform look.

Get the tutorial at Survival Life

Recycled Soda Bottles

Recycled Soda Bottles
Image Source:

One person’s trash is another person’s vertical garden—here, empty plastic soda bottles are packed with soil and hung from a clothesline.

Get the tutorial at Dirt Asla

Strawberry Tower With Reservoir

Strawberry Tower with Reservoir
Image Source:

Why buy dirty strawberries when you can grow them clean and fresh by building a DIY strawberry tower! The way these planters are stacked allows for optimal watering. You don’t only get fresh and juicy strawberries, this strawberry tower will also boost your garden landscape.

Get the tutorial at A piece of rainbow

Lattice Vertical Garden

Lattice Vertical Garden
Image Source:

This vertical garden has its very own irrigation system: At the center of the structure, there are two PVC pipes with holes drilled in them for even water distribution.

Get the tutorial at Decor and the Dog

Stacked Crates

Stacked Crates
Image Source:

Create a vertical planter pyramid! Keep the structure from becoming too precarious by reinforcing the stacked crates with wooden planks.

Get the tutorial at Little Green Dot


Image Source:

For a decidedly less construction-heavy project, neatly stack pots on the rungs of a ladder. For a bit more flourish, add a hook for a hanging planter.

Get the tutorial at Small Town Rambler

DIY Wall Planter

DIY Wall Planter
Image Source:

Can’t decide on how small or large you want your vertical garden? You can have this wall planter take up as much space as you want!

Get the tutorial from Lana Red Studio

Leaning Bookshelf

Leaning Bookshelf
Image Source:

Constructed cedar troughs are mounted to wooden sides and then stained in this crafty vertical garden project.

Get the tutorial at Ginger Snap Crafts

Minimalist Vertical Garden

Minimalist Vertical Garden
Image Source:

If you prefer a clean, minimalist aesthetic, stacked cedar boxes attached to the side of your home make for a striking vertical garden.

Get the tutorial at Man Made DIY

Stacked Pots

Stacked Pots
Image Source:

This adorably kooky vertical garden doubles as a sculpture and incorporates a small bird bath at the very top.

Get the tutorial at Home Stories A to Z

Succulent Tray Vertical Garden

Succulent Tray Vertical Garden
Image Source:

Similar to nursery flats, these rectangular, plastic trays are divided into planting cells, all slanted at a 30-degree angle with bottom holes that promote drainage and aeration. Each tray comes with a bracket for mounting, though you’ll need to add a wood frame to achieve the “wall art” look above. Plant them with succulents which have shallow root systems, are well-suited for trays with 2″ x 2″ cells. Opt for the larger 4″ x 4″ cells when planting small annuals, perennials, and edibles (such as lettuce).

Tower Gardens

Image Source:

Not DIY, but if you want to take vertical gardening to another level (both in cost and results), you could try a Garden Tower. There are both aquaponic towers that pump a mineral solution up the tower and drips it over the roots of the plants, as well as towers where you grow in soil

Get the tutorial at Garden Tower Project

Vertical Garden On A Exterior Wall

Vertical garden on a exterior wall
Image Source:

building our DIY vertical garden on a exterior wall of the house and build it as a stand alone “wall” instead.

Get the tutorial at Home made lovely

Mini Aquaponics Tower Garden

Mini Aquaponics Tower Garden
Image Source:
Mini Aquaponics Tower Garden
Image Source:

This mini aquaponics tower garden is described as a mini fish and plant farm for your living room! It’s such a fantastic idea for an indoor tower garden working on the principles of aquaponics.

Get the tutorial at Media matic

Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer
Image Source:

A hanging shoe organizer doubles perfectly as a vertical garden: its pockets are the ideal size for growing individual plants and herbs.

Get the tutorial at Instructables

DIY Wood Vertical Garden

DIY Wood Vertical Garden
Image Source:

Get the tutorial at Red book mag

Upcycled Dresser

Upcycled Dresser
Image Source:

Rather than throwing out an old dresser, place it outside and fill it with soil. Stagger how far the drawers are pulled out to create a cascading waterfall-like effect.

Get the tutorial at GrizzlyBearModern

Pyramid Tower Garden

Pyramid Tower Garden
Image Source:

Build a wooden pyramid garden for an awesome angled finish. You will need to bring out your woodworking skills for this project. For a less costly or almost free pyramid tower garden, some wood pallets could come in handy.

Get the tutorial at Remove and replace

Hanging Buckets

Hanging Buckets
Image Source:

This indoor vertical garden is constructed using only four basic materials: a cabinet door, hooks, a saw tooth hanger, and some pretty tin buckets.

Get the tutorial at Room 6 Design

Even More Gutter Gardens

Even More Gutter Gardens
Image Source:

Here’s another example of a gutter vertical garden attached to the side of a house. One thing to watch for when doing this style is to make sure there is adequate drainage so the siding doesn’t get damaged. This is a great setup for people who cannot bend over very far.

Pot Hangers

Pot Hangers
Image Source: — polypropylene supports that clamp onto the backs of pots — practically disappear when screwed into a wall or fence. Designed to endure high winds, each hanger can bear up to 100 pounds. Plant them with anything you’d typically put in a pot is fine, including kitchen herbs and annuals like the pansies and bacopa.

Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters
Image Source:

As these rain gutters (planted with euphorbia and creeping wire vine) demonstrate, salvaged finds can double as excellent, and unusual, vertical gardening systems. Just remember to drill holes in the bottoms of your scores, if necessary, for drainage. Other ideas for repurposed planters: burlap bags and shutters with slats wide enough for you to tuck succulents inside. Note: Before planting any edibles, make sure your cast-off container is nontoxic.